We are an Accessible school

As the only Steiner/Waldorf School in Mindanao, Tuburan Institute is committed to make quality education accessible to families from various socio-economic statuses.

While the rising cost for education is a pressing challenge to every family, it is not insurmountable. This is why Tuburan promotes working together of parents as a community for the education of the children. As an Accessible School, we do not have fixed tuition and there is no limit as to how much parents can contribute. Even more so, they can volunteer their time and other resources.

In assigned occasions, parents work and raise funds together. The result not only delivers impact in the sustainability realm but also enhances the camaraderie among the members of the community. This ultimately trickles down to the children. When they see their own parents collaborate with each other, this enriches their whole being and, in turn, they collaborate and work in harmony with their fellows. We also work with other institutions and agencies in growing the school. Thankfully, the generosity of people who believe in the vision help the Steiner/Waldorf education thrive in ways that are unexpected.

Tuburan believes that adults working together for the highest good is one of, if not the best way to educate the young.

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