Fast forward 10 years since we enrolled in Tuburan Institute, my daughters are now in eight and fifth grades. Over the years, my love story with Steiner/Waldorf Education and Tuburan has evolved from just being in love with it to really embracing it. 

I have seen how my eldest daughter has evolved from being a darling kindergarten, to being a feisty third grader, to being an assertive teenager. This journey has never been easy, even far from the ideal. But our family is grateful for the opportunity provided by the school to continue learning about Human Development, health and nutrition, and even nature. In this way, we're able to support our children better as they're growing up while understanding and healing our own inner child as parents. 

Do they still eat vegetables like they did in Kindergarten? Yes. It's great that they have overcome their antipathy with greens on the table!

Do they still sing songs like they did in lower grades? Yes, but a lot has changed already, even with their preferences!

Do they still use their imagination like they did in Kindergarten? Not anymore. Our children have transformed their imaginations in ways I have never expected!