Before we joined Tuburan, my daughter’s main sources of inspiration were television and videos. Now that she’s with Tuburan, she lost interest in these. She’s happy to stay in our backyard and explore.

She puts flowers in the water and watches their seeds explode; she likes to pick weeds that when shaken produce a maracas sound; she finds something red and imagines it’s blood. A stone becomes a pig and then a spaceship. A spiky seed turns into a durian and then fireworks. Her imagination improved when she lost interest in gadgets.

We copied Tuburan and stopped giving her plastic toys and gave her sticks and wood to play with instead. At Tuburan I joined workshops and realized that because plastic toys are fixed; they can’t be transformed into other things. I learned many other things about protecting my daughter’s senses. That’s great about being part of Tuburan – the parents learn along.