Steiner/Waldorf education changes students profoundly. At the start of the school year, there are children who are painfully shy. They are so timid they hardly play. They are afraid. They don’t climb trees. Neither do they dare climb on the rocks and jump from one stone to the next.

After several months comes the big change; children develop self-confidence! You can see it in their movements which are expressive and free.

Timid children who seemed to have no energy, after several months, they’re romping around, laughing, and very physical. They become very strong! They lose their fear of climbing trees and of climbing on rocks and jumping from one stone to the next.

That’s because at Tuburan we let the children be. We allow them to move and talk freely. As much as possible we don’t stop them and forbid them from playing and settling their own conflicts.

This is what draws out their full potential – their inner being.